As we all know, the RFID chips found in various credit cards give thieves wireless access to ALL of the vital bank information needed to commit fraud. The worst part is, most people will never even know they were robbed, until it's too late. With RFID shielding materials, you can protect all personal information including your date of birth, place of birth, social security details, and address. Read this post to learn more about the risks related to RFID theft and ways to protect your confidential data.

Places Where You Could be Susceptible to Thefts

These thefts frequently occur in crowded or busy areas like shopping malls, airports, public transport, hotels, pubs, and bars. Your financial data can be stolen in these places and even when you are not using but just carrying your passport or bank cards in your wallet or bag. Tampering or stealing your information is easy for hackers in busy areas because they make use of an RFID reader and place it close to your wallet, bag, or briefcase. They can even walk near you while you are crossing a subway and access the data they want to steal. This is the reason why shielding products manufacturers and material suppliers are coming up with innovative RFID shields to prevent data theft at busy marketplaces.

Do Not Fall Prey to Scammers: Prevent Data Theft

RFID shielding materials cut off radio signals that hackers send across with the intention of stealing data. Here are a few tips to protect information from unscrupulous hackers:

Check your credit cards: The best way to determine whether your credit cards have RFID chips or not is by contacting the card company. Look for words such as ‘PayPass’ on your credit card to find out whether it has the chip or not.

Leverage RFID technology: Though some believe that they can protect their credit cards or wallet by wrapping them with aluminum foil, it is a misconception. Covering your card is a hassle and a tad inconvenient. Besides, it will not prevent a hacker from scanning the same. You can invest in products that employ RFID shielding technology. These items include neck wallets, pockets, money belts, RFID-protective pouches, and sleeves. They make the best use of advanced shielding materials, fabrics, metals, and Faraday Cages to get rid of radio signals. Many prefer paper Faraday cages, but they do not remain active for an extended period. Therefore, invest in shielding products that include words like ‘electromagnetically opaque.’

Go through your bank documents: Check all your bank statements as well as other financial documents on a periodic basis. You can do this daily, monthly, or weekly. Keep a track of all transactions made and check whether there are any suspicious charges.

Keep RFID cards together: Make sure that you keep all your RFID cards together in your pouch or wallet. It will make it difficult for a scammer to scan a stack of cards and extract information from one particular chip.

Always use RFID shielding products to avoid data theft. It is no use being fearful and waiting for your financial information to be stolen by hackers. Make RFID safety your priority and take the necessary steps to enhance your security.