With Bankr, our vision was to simplify yet enhance every-day carry & utility products. Our first product that achieved this goal was the Stack Wallet. With this wallet, we wanted to cut the fat and get rid of all unnecessary pouches, zippers, pockets & any other nonsense other wallet brands seem to want to throw at you these days.

WeĀ came to realize, with the more space you have, the more space you waste. Most of us carry around over 12 cards & only use about 4-6 of them on average, so why carry a wallet full of unused cards? It just didn't make sense. That's why we made the Stack -- an expandable card holder with a removable cash clip, designed to carry the essentialsĀ efficiently & effectively.

After we launched our first product, it was clear there was a demand for the Bankr brand & a respect for our type of innovation. From there out, we made it our mission to seek out every-day products that we could put the Bankr spin on.Ā 

Creating new innovative products for an evolving modern lifestyle has always been our goal, and we intend on doing just that. Bankr brand is here to stay, and we're here to change the world for the better.

Thank you all for reading & believing in the vision -- we hope you shop with us for life. We're working every day to make your lives better through our innovative products.


- Bankr Brand